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4 tips for writing powerful real estate copy

The real estate content writersjobs are not easy nowadays. The way people shift from one advertisement to another within a glance, it becomes a challenging affair and art to engage consumers. As the first contact, you’ll likely have with a probable homebuyer will come through a real estate catalog, a great real estate copy is the first chance of Real Estate content writers to build a reputation and a relationship.

517957008_1280x720Some of the key tips to make your headline more powerful are

  • Short, concise bullet points work best

Most of the people skim and scan all the ad copies. They don’t even read the full paragraphs. As a result, Real estate content writers jobs become more challenging. So you should do your best to keep your headlines sharp, and the text that comes after that should be short in size and to the point.

  • Use numbers and “”

Wheneverit is possible, use numbers and the word “you” in the real estate captions. We can use headline analyzer, a popular tool used by themarketer, to get to know the effectiveness of your headline with respect to that of professionals. For example, the following headline scores only 13.11: “Buy Now and Save Thousands of Dollars in Interest.”

In compare, “Five Reasons Buying Now Will Save You Hundreds of Dollars” scores 33.0 in the headline analyzer.

  • Use the words “unique,” “special” and “”

The following caption scores 40.0 on the Headline Analyzer: “Don’t Miss Seeing This Unique Home Packed with These Upgrades.” It has been found in a statistical analysis that these w0ords create more relativeness in theconsumer’s mind.

  • Use commands

Rather than relying so severely on adjectives, Real estate content writer should make headlines using action verbs. The caption like “This is a lot of house for a little amount of money!”are typical in most of the advertisements in the real estate businessas they describe features.The consumerdoesn’t buy features; they buy the benefits, i.e., the sentimentsthey feel when they view the property.

Adjectives naturally describe features, while verbs are more possibly to tap into the welfares of homeownership. This is the cause that “Design Your Dream Home In This Unique Space!” scores high as it uses an action verb thathelps the reader’s mind to think a dream about his/her perfect house.

contentmart-2If youwant to write such compelling headlines for your real estate asset, give the Headline Analyzer a try. To use the Headline Analyzer, begin by inserting your headlines, select “real estate” as the arena in which you are concerned, and the Headline Analyzer will calculate how effective your captionsare based upon three different scopes: intellectual, empathetic and spiritual. The most compelling headlines become significant to all three groups.